Firebox account?

We need a replacement but the Firebox is registered to my old IT guy. How do I get access so I can open a ticket for my own device?

i set up an account but when I try to register it I get an error about it already being activated.

  • Greg Gilbraith

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    Eugene_Eugene_ WatchGuard Representative

    Hello Greg,

    This can be a common account issue and is something that will have to be handled by one of your Customer Care agents. I would highly recommend giving one our agents a call to resolve this at 1.877.232.3531 option 1.


    Eugene Torre | Support Engineer

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    @Samir said:
    I had to do a transfer of ownership before and it is pretty painless once you know the procedure. :)

    I think this post was a sample for the new forum. Greg Gilbraith works for WatchGuard. One would HOPE he knew the answer!

    Gregg Hill

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