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I've been reading about this new WireGuard vpn, which seems to be quite performante compared to other vpn types and will also be integrated in the linux kernel (if it isn't already).
Does WatchGuard have plans to integrate this new VPN type?





  • James_CarsonJames_Carson WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Thibaud

    At this current point in time there's nothing in the foreseeable future. WatchGuard's SSLVPN is based on OpenVPN, and is currently much more compatible.

    There are teams looking into possibly supporting it in the future, but there's a need to strike a balance between compatibility, speed, and keep security up to the high standards that we require.

    Are there any specific points or features in the WireGuard VPN that you feel are more effective. I'm happy to share customer perspectives with the teams that work on these projects.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • Hi @James_Carson !

    No specific use case.
    It's just that I read a bit about this and appears to be more performant then other vpn types.
    WatchGuard's current SSL VPN is actually slower than for example IKEv2 and I thought it might be an idea to have a WireGuard client instead of the SSL VPN client, so it gets more performant.

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    Please implement WireGuard VPN

    Feature Request opened in Case Number 01373575

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