re-install vpn client on Windows

Hi, we have one user having problems logging in through vpn client (12.5.3 on Windows 10). He got instant error "couldn't read configuration", while he can log in normally on other computers. Normal re-install through control panel doesn't help. Is there a way to fully de-install client, using probably deleting registry hives ?


  • Thank you for info. Client was re-installed, but user still cannot connect. Logs says:
    Requesting client configuration from :443
    FAILED:Cannot connect to internet 12005
    failed to get domain name

    Internet is working ok.
    I can log in to his computer and connect to vpn without problem. So, something wrong with user profie ?

  • The User ID & password are case sensitive.
    Could that be the issue?

    If the user can access SSLVPN on some other computer, then it is not a user account issue.
    You can verify that the user ID is a member of the SSLVPN-Users group

  • No. Password is 100% correct. Just goes this error, "Cannot connect to internet 12005/failed to get domain name". I checked a lot of things on the computer, including firewall, system logs, network adapters etc. Everything seems to be ok.

  • Time for a support incident.
    Should you find the resolution, please post it.

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