How do users login to the Logon App if they don't have an internet connection?

BrianLBrianL WatchGuard Representative

How will my users login if they lose internet connectivity? Will they be locked out?

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  • BrianLBrianL WatchGuard Representative
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    As long as the logon app has been able to communicate with the cloud in the past, it will know the valid users even if communication to the cloud is lost.

    The user has a couple options for authentication that can work when they are offline, OTP and QR code. These options must be enabled for the logon app in the Authpoint group access policy to show up.


  • what if the user never login with the app

  • I recently downloaded the Logon application for MacOS and after installation I was asked to restart the computer. I continued and now I can't access my notebook anymore. The computer does not have access to the internet and I cannot access it by restarting in safe mode.

    I don't know how to proceed with this, could you help me?

    It is strange that the application blocks all my access to the notebook without first having configured anything.

    I never login (logged in) with the App.
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