Same SSID for multi sites

Hi there,
i do have same company with several sites. I would like to setup wi-fi with same ssid and password for all company and all sites. So, when users go from site to site, they do not need to join on each of wifi networks. I have created site one with a specific ssid and added AP on 2nd site and trying to add them to same ssid. It is not working. I get message that new aps are on on the same ssid network.
Is this something i can do or it is not supported at all?


  • Any answer on this from WG or should i open a case for it?

  • Since no one has answered your question, best to open a support incident.
    When you get an answer from support - please post it for others to find.

  • Bruce - that is more of technical question than a issue. That is the reason we did not open a ticket for it.
    Thanks for your answer.

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