Quick question about T15 subscriptions

Morning all,

Apologies if this should be in subscriptions instead of branch office but wasn't sure where it fitted as is about both really.

We have an M470 with a few T15 boxes that are being used for connections in which we purchased all of the additional subscriptions for. However my question is, if we are only using these T15 boxes to connect in to our M470 which has all the subscriptions already purchased on it, do we need to purchase them for the T15 as well?

As the T15 is not accessing anything but our firewall it would seem like we are doubling up on purchasing some security features but wanted to ask the question here in case I am missing some logic somewhere?

I ask because we have the opportunity to expand for another project however their budget is limited and they are not able to pay for all the subscriptions so we either buy the basic box for them, or if that is not really secure then they will have to find another option instead of connecting in to our virtual environment.

Any thoughts appreciated


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    If your remote sites do not access the Internet directly and all traffic goes to the corporate site, then you do not need the security subscriptions for those remote site firewalls.
    You can apply desired security options for traffic to/from those remote sites on the corporate site firewall for those remote sites.

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    Perfect, thank you Bruce. I was pretty sure that was the case but just needed to sense check it with someone.

    Much Appreciated

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