daas component log messages

What is daas and what it is used for?
Any way to stop these log messages from displaying ?

Looks like it may be this as the cause:
/usr/bin/python /lib/python2.7/daas/daas-client.pyc

2020-01-27 10:31:02 daas Publishing message Debug
2020-01-27 10:31:02 daas topic: stream/D0210274B767E/firebox/ACC-0286779 Debug
2020-01-27 10:31:02 daas message: Debug
2020-01-27 10:31:02 daas [MID 0] Message delivery confirmed Debug
2020-01-27 10:31:02 daas stream_cache_publish, 214/936 health data have been published Debug


  • RalphRalph WatchGuard Representative

    Hello Bruce,

    Daas is the Cloud agent on the Firebox. I would not expect to see these logs with all Firebox components' log levels set to Error. Those appear to be Debug type logs.

  • Agreed that they are Debug type log messages, but over the many firmware versions, many times Debug message were shown when there was no need for them.
    I have opened a number of support incidents over the years to get them to not be shown without having a debug setting is Diagnostic Logging.
    Note that there is no Diagnostic Logging setting for Cloud logging that I see in XTM.

  • RalphRalph WatchGuard Representative


    Cloud is lumped in within the Management component. Any of your components set to debug log level at the moment ? I don't these messages on my own Firebox with all components at error.

  • All are set to Error, including Management - except a few which are set to Off.

    I do have the Any From Firebox policy in my config. Could this be the cause ?

  • And is daas "data as a service" or something else ?

  • RalphRalph WatchGuard Representative

    Thanks Bruce. I take back what I said about not seeing these logs on my own Firebox. I'll get something logged to make sure these logs get moved to Debug.

    You got it.

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