Problem with the telephonie over SIP

We have the following situation at the moment:
We have one Packet Filter Policy with the ports from 55k to 56k for the telephonie.
Furthermore in this policy is a SD WAN Action created when the one WAN connection is los he changed on the other one. This WAN Action is without Metrics Settings. The following failback for active connections is configured in this SDWAN action Gradual failback.
Now we have often the problem that the voice connection isnt working if you call from extern to internal and you have interruptions in the connection durring a call. I dont no at the where the problem is.
The WAN connection was proofd by the provider.
Please help me.


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    Srry I forogt something. If we have the problem no voice connection from external to internal. Then I decativate the policy and then I activate it again and it works again.
    Its very strange.

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    For the record, what XTM version are you running?

    If you have an active LiveSecurity license, you should open a support incident on this as the solution is not obvious.

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    I have the version 12.3.1 running.
    Ok I will do this.

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