Microsoft Teams does not completely load

I'm running FirewareOS v12.1.1 on a cluster of two 850's.

When a class of about 30 students go to Microsoft Teams (teams.microsoft.com) the page does not completely load with most of them. Other sites work without problems. The menu / framework is loaded, but the real contents (like the assignment) on the page won't load. I suspect the proxy to be the problem in this. So I opened the HTTPS-proxy and changed the connected Webblocker config. I added an exception to Allow teams.microsoft.com/* (also with a * in front, but in this forum it gives me bold font and both the stars dissapear, so I could not add that here), but it did not solve the problem.

Where else can I have a look or change a setting to have Teams completely load the page?


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    To understand your problem, you need to enable logging on your HTTPS proxy action.
    Are you doing Inspect on your HTTPS proxy ? You can Log on the Inspect Action line.
    This should show you what is being accessed by your users.

    Often the issue is HTTP content which is being denied - from the HTTP proxy action specified on the HTTPS proxy action. Logging there may be needed to really understand the issue.

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    Hi Bruce, thx for your quick response. Logging is enabled. I do not use Inspect. Today I noticed the HTTP proxy action on the bottom of the HTTPS proxy / Webblocker page. I seriously never noticed it before... Shame on me. I changed that HTTP proxy action to bypass Teams. I'll have it tested with a teacher tomorrow and get back with the results.

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    The HTTP proxy action will only be used for Inspect sites.

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