NAT remote VPN subnet

I was wondering if there is any way possible to NAT the remote host/subnet in a BOVPN configuration? I have a customer site whose LAN network conflicts on our side with the network of another customer. I'd like to translate this network in the tunnel to a usable network that will not conflict with our other customer network. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this in a Watchguard Firebox. You can only translate the local network (in this case our host network which does not conflict) The customer firewall is a third party firewall (Cisco Meraki) that only supports VPN NAT when connecting to another Meraki (and even then has to be activated by Meraki support) My only other option would be to convince the customer to allow me to install another Firebox at their site "parallel" to the Meraki.



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    Nothing comes to mind to help here.
    Consider opening a support incident to see if a WG rep can offer a solution.

    The Meraki VPN implementation seems to be non-optimal

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    Will do. I thought I'd check first to see if anyone had encountered this before with needing to do a NAT from the remote side of the VPN tunnel instead of the local and if there were any ways to accomplish this.

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