Valid IPSec SA not found for SPSAItem. Initiate new tunnel negotiation


I've been stuck on this issue for a few weeks now. I do have a case open with support but I'm waiting for an arranged call with them. In the mean time i'm under a bit of pressure to get this resolved. I've attempted both BOVPN's and ViP and on bot occasions I just receive the errors:

2024-05-16 15:58:37 iked (xx.xx.xx.xx<->xx.xx.xx.xx)IKEv2 CREATE_CHILD_SA exchange from xx.xx.xx.xx to xx.xx.xx.xx failed. Tunnel=''. Reason=Received N(TS_UNACCEPTABLE) message. msg_id="021A-0016" Debug

I've been through all the phase 2 setting with a fine toothcomb multiple times and I've also asked the engineer on the end to create a second test VPN so we can test different settings to see if it's compatibility issue but nothing appears to be working. The remote firewall is a Cisco which I don't manage so i cannot access.

I turned on Debug logging and the only issue i can see is this:

2024-05-14 15:58:57 iked (xx.xx.xx.xx<->xx.xx.xx.xx)Valid IPSec SA not found for SPSAItem. Initiate new tunnel negotiation.

Can anyone offer any advice. As I say, I've been over the settings multiple times and I just can't figure out what it doesn't like.


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