AP330 connection issues


We have two AP330s in use, each for one part of the building.

The problem we are currently experiencing is that the connection to one access point is interrupted from time to time, so that it is not possible to work properly in a meeting room, for example, as you are constantly kicked out of the meeting.

Access Point with issues:

Access Point working without any issues:

Is there maybe any STP related issue?

The SSIDs are set up as WPA3-Enterprise, which also works without any problems.

The access points are connected to an Aruba 2930F PoE+ switch.

The location is in Germany and the settings have already been adjusted several times according to a best practice guide, but without much success.

I no longer have any clues as to what exactly I need to look for. Before the AP330, we had two AP120s, which did not cause these problems.

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    Consider opening a support case on this if you have not already done so.

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    I have the exact same issue, only on AP130's. I have also tried 'all' best practices settings. I have now done a debug dump and it is full of these messages, consistent with when our laptops have issues in ex. Teams video meetings :
    Dec 14 11:42:57 AP130 kern.info kernel: [421253.171846] Station [22:09:20:dd:55:14] disassociated by fast-handover 5 (threshold:-70 rssi:-72 count:122)
    Dec 14 11:42:57 AP130 kern.info kernel: [421253.433535] Station [22:09:20:dd:55:14] disassociated by fast-handover 5 (threshold:-70 rssi:-72 count:123)

    I'm opening a ticket with support .

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    We have the same issue, driving me mad and getting support from Watchguard through the UK distributor, but not getting anywhere

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @timg

    If your distributer is having issues getting support, if you're able to get the case number from them (if they've opened one) I'd be happy to make sure your issue is with the right team to help.

    If they're avoiding opening a case, I would suggest opening a support case or reaching out to WatchGuard Sales - we can reach out to your distributer either way and work with them to get your issue corrected.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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