BOVPN Virtual Interface - AWS

Hi to everyone,

i've create a VPN S2S between my network and AWS.

Everything works good, from my LAN i can ping and connect to AWS istances.

I've a little problem, i can't reach those istances through ssl vpn network.
For the SSL I've split tunneling and i've already added the public ip of remote network, i've also added SSL vpn network in static routes aws side.

Do you have any tips?



  • What do you see in a tracert from a SSLVPN client to an AWN IP addr?
    Tracert will show you the path that packets take.

  • You mean AWS ip addrs?
    I tried to tracert and i see that it goes to the default gateway and then it fails.

  • Sounds like the packet is trying to go over the AWS BOVPN.

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