Setting up remote site for BOVPN with no static public ip address assigned

hi all,

I am trying to set up a new site with Starlink internet. (Residential). Unfortunately starlink don't offer static public IP address for their residential customer.

What is the easiest way to establish BOVPN between my remote site and main site. Main site has static public IP address.



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    use Domain name in the GW endpoint config and in Phase1 use IKEv2
    The domain names can be whatever, you don’t need to use Dynamic DNS….
    If you need to use IKEv1 for some reason, then choose also Aggressive mode.

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    What kimmo.pohjoisaho mentions is what I would do as well.

    Somebody shared with me a while back a document relating to Starlink not "supporting" IPsec, which I find surprising but worth noting "just in case".
    (This was in the context of troubleshooting a user to site VPN).

    If doing the above fails, you'd have to explore the option of using BOVPN over TLS instead which I find more restrictive in some respects but being TLS is more likely to pass through restrictive Internet services than IPsec does.

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