WiFi AP325 & AP330

Is it possible to manage devices based on OS in Watchguard AP325 and AP330. I want to separate devices that are Windows based and devices that are phones such as Android or IOS.

I have 5 AP325s in one of our offices and it appears that when any device connects to our WiFi, they are connected to the same network as the Windows devices.

On another site, there are 3 x AP330s. They have been set up individually to allow a number of devices to connect. This is time consuming to setup on each device. Is there a way to manage all 3 in a centralised load balancing type scenario?
As you can tell I am new to Watchguard and have inherited this system which I am trying to see what limitations it has.


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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Milena

    The AP130, 330, 332CR, 430CR, and 432 are all managed on a new platform inside WatchGuard cloud. It isn't possible to manage APs older than this current generation via WatchGuard Cloud.

    AP120, 125, 225W, 320, 325, 327x, and 420 are manageable via "Wi-Fi Cloud" or via local gateway wireless controller.

    AP100, 102, 200, and 300 are only manageable via Gateway Wireless Controller.

    The only way to push vendor specific devices to a specific SSID would be to make specific SSIDs for those devices and connect them as appropriate. You can also make a MAC address whitelist, but MACs are changeable/spoofable, and many mobile devices randomize their MAC for privacy reasons now, so doing so will be very time consuming.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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