Setup a perminant VPN from my network to a public VPN?

Ok, for starters, I'm a home user. I have a T20 that I use as my home router. We have a 4G internet connection. The 4G doesn't allow for any inbound connections. So, I was thinking, maybe if I were to setup a point-to-point VPN between my watchguard and a public VPN such as private internet access or nordvpn, i could connect externally inbound. I already paid for a private internet access subscription and I paid for a static IP address. Just trying to figure out how to use this with the watchguard so everything on my network is tunneled through it.


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    VPN services such as NordVPN etc. are designed for a PC client etc. to get to the Internet anonymously, not to allow Internet based devices or users to access your PC.

    What type of incoming access are you trying to allow?

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    While it is possible in theory to do this if the VPN service provides an IPSec endpoint (in the form of a branch office VPN,) most services like that are designed to anonymize and only allow traffic out.

    That aside, if the VPN provider supports OpenVPN, you can possibly use the BOVPN over TLS mode on your firewall to do this.
    Be aware: We do not support this feature.


    This is only available in the WebUI.
    In the advanced options, in client mode, there is an advanced button where you can upload an OVPN file. If your VPN provider provides OpenVPN ovpn files, you can upload it here to fill in the settings and import the appropriate certificates for you.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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