T40 12.8.1 BOVPN VIF minor SA error message bug


After upgrading our T40 devices to 12.8.1, bovpn vif tunnels shows this error mesage dispite SA is mature, tunnel rekeyed from both ends and traffic is flowing normal and is working.

__ERROR 0x021a001b No response for IKE_SA_INIT request message. Check the connection between the local and remote gateway endpoints._

Remote device is a firebox cluster running 12.7.2.

KE Policy:'Netgroup' Version:IKEv2 Type:BOVPN Role:Responder HashId:0x0
Created :Fri Jul 8 03:59:45 2022
P1SA ID :0x81997579 State :MATURE
My Address :x.x.x.x:500 Peer Address :x.x.x.x:500
iCookie :2244319afb2299ab rCookie :8cf3005508916d7b
LifeTime(sec) :28800 DPD :enabled
Proposal :AES_GCM_ICV16_128-ECDH_GROUP20
peerIsWg :VN=12.7.2 BN=655803
ReqRetryObjCnt :0 RespRetryObjCnt :0
msgIdSend :582 msgIdRecv :584
serialNumber :10

Case opened, 01730274


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