WSM Managed VPNs using IKEv2

Afternoon Everyone,

I'm setting up managed BOVPNs using the WSM and as far as I can see there is no way to use IKEv2 or the associated encryption algorithms. Am I missing something or is this just not possible unless setting up the BOVPNs using manual settings?

I should add that all devices are fireboxes, not a third party device.


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    There currently is no option to create a managed BOVPN using WSM Server to use IKEv2, a missing Phase 1 option.

    Manual BOVPNs are easy to set up. While not as easy as WSM managed ones, they are not difficult, and to me are much more flexible than ones created using WSM Server.
    Manual BOVPNs do not require remote sites to have access to the local WSM Server to get their BOVPN settings or changes to those settings.
    Manual BOVPN endpoints don't need to have a needed WSM Server connection license which would be needed for a managed BOVPN.

    Long ago, I initially created my BOVPNs as managed ones, but later I changed them to manual ones and have never used managed ones ever since.

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    I always use manual bovpns. Don´t use WSM for this part.

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