Is my Firebox blocking in/out flow of traffic

I have a T-80, pretty new. ISP is comcast, new swtiches, cables. About 6hrs of the day traffic grounds to a halt. 3 folks working from home get disconnected. All downloads/uploads go from decent to non existent. We run a radio reading service for the blind/visually impaired and the last few months our broadcast has suffered.
4 visits from Comcast, they can't see anything.

I can run a speed test when I connect directly to the modem. Can not run a speed test behind the firewall @ any time.

Any feedback/setting/policy I should be looking for that may give me a clue if my issue is with my settings or with comcast. Appreciate any help.
Many thanks


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    So many possibilities....

    What is your supposed Comcast down/up speed?

    Are you using HTTP & HTTPS proxies in your config?

    Have you looked at Traffic Monitor during the time of problems?

    What speed test site are you using?
    For example:
    . Comcast speed test uses TCP port 6020 or 6021, which may not be being allowed by your firewall policies.
    . Ookla speedtest.net uses TCP port 8080.

    There are tools to look at your bandwidth usage during the day:
    . Web UI -> Interfaces
    . WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) -> Firebox System Manager (FSM) -> Bandwidth Meter
    . FSM Service Watch will show the bandwidth being used by each of your policies

    Perhaps there are speed/duplex issues on 1 or more of your firewall interface connections.
    Look at FSM -> Status Report -> Interfaces section, and look for errors or collisions on your in use interfaces. Normally they should be 0.

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    Also, if you have a current support contract on your firewall, you can create a support incident and get WG help at looking at your firewall and hopefully resolving this.
    Select the Support Center link at the top. Log in. Select Create New Case.

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