Best way to create BOVPN's to multiple dynamic sites?

M370 running 12.7.1

We went to create a second site VPN (hub and spoke) using dynamic dns and when trying to save the gateway on the hub FB, we're getting the error
"The two gateway endpoints use the same local gateway interface and a remote gateway IP address. A gateway endpoint in [First Gateway], already uses these settings:
Local gateway interface: [Interface Name];
Remote gateway IP: Any."

Any suggestions on how to create a second BOVPN using the same local public IP address and an unknown IP (any) but known domain for the Remote Gateway? The first dynamic IP tunnel builds out correctly, so I know the setting are correct, it's just adding the second one's Gateway Address as a Dynamic IP seems to create the IP Address Any, which conflicts with the First Gateway, preventing it from being created. We have numerous other BOVPN's set up with fixed IP's at each end, so we know the Local gateway interface is not the problem.


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