How to force PBX generated traffic through a VPN tunnel between an M400 and an X10e-W?


We have several interconnected headquarters in the company with firebox X10e-W / x20e-W / T-50 against the main office against a firebox M400 with HA, through private internet links; The point is that data traffic goes through the VPN tunnels established against the main office and vice versa, but telephony traffic sometimes goes through the tunnel and sometimes not, creating voids in the voice. Or is what it seems.


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    Do you have a specific policy in place to route all SIP traffic through the VPN tunnel?
    What does Traffic Manager tell you regarding SIP traffic and where it is going?

    It's usually something simple.

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    Do you have any proof that some VoIP packets are being mis-routed?
    Or is this just a guess since you seem to lose voice ?

    If you have a current support contract on your M400, you can open a support incident with WG and get help sorting this out.
    These types of issues are difficult to troubleshoot on the user forum.

    Logging of VoIP traffic across the VPN may help here.

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