Vpn between 2 schools

We want to connect two schools together via vpn over the Internet. We have as our main firewall an M570 which all traffic goes through. The school we want to connect to will have about 300 students with teachers. The only thing this firewall will do is to handle the traffic to our main firewall through a vpn tunnel.
My questions is:
Which license do I need? Standard support or Basic security suite?
Which firewall should i buy? Our reseller says M470 but it feels like overkill because I dont need webblocker or anything else. The only thing this firewall should do is to handle the vpn traffic to our M570..


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    All you need for the license is Standard support - LiveSecurity.

    For sizing, what is the Internet connection speed that you plan to use here ?
    It would seem that M370, with VPN throughput = 4.6 Gbps would be more than big enough. Even a M270 seems reasonable.

    The more important things here to me are VPN throughput and concurrent sessions.

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    Thank you for the fast response Bruce :)
    M370 seem to be more suited for our needs. The Internet connection is 1 Gbps both way so 4.6 Gbps should be enough. It is a new school so I dont really know how many concurrent sessions there will be but I have a feeling that 2,2 million concurrent sessions will be enough.
    Do you know if there is a method to use if you want to do a calculated guess on how many concurrent sessions that can arise?

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    There really is no good way to estimate this other than to observe your existing firewall stats.
    I have a home firewall with 10 max active devices.
    At the moment I have 4 active devices and 115 - 174 connections.
    FSM HostWatch show my laptop & the firewall as the source of the most connections

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