Assign the same IP range from VLAN to a Wifi AP.

Hi, all.

T35W, Sw. Version 12.1.3.B563398

I created 5 VLANS (1, 5, 8,10, 20), all of them with different IP range and DHCP each one enabled. All subnets are visible among them.

I need the Wifi AP gets a valid IP address from VLAN 8 DHCP, because one specific remote Wifi application doesn´t support any other different configuration or IP range.

This application connects remotely (from mobile device connected to the Watchguard Wifi) to a server, and only works with the same IP range of VLAN 8). For example, if IP range is, Wifi must adquire a IP of this range.

Of course, VLAN structure and application are not changeable or editable (VLAN structure is giving access to a production virtualized environment).

Could anyone help me about the correct configuration?

Many many thanks.


  • Is this for the internal AP on your T35W?
    If so, you set the IP addr for the AP in your GWC settings, such as on the new VLAN page.

  • Thanks. Finally the solution was setting up the Wifi AP as VLAN interface type and assign it as a second interface to the desired VLAN from that I wanted to get IP DHCP range.

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