Redundant VPN to Azure using BGP

Hi all,
I'm trying to configure a reduntant VPN to azure using multiple ISP to the same azure VPN Gateway IP, according to this Microsoft document ( this is possible using BGP. I have configure BPG according to this Watchguard doc ( but this documentation only instruct to make the VPN using only one gateway and one public Ip.
I have already configured a VPN to Azure using the previus documentation and using 1 of our public IP, I'm trying to configure a second VPN to the same Azure Gateway using another of our public IPs, but when I try to configure BGP for the second BOVPN, when I insert the Azure BGP Peer IP, I receive the error "The peer IP duplicate with another IP at BPVPN virtual interface.."

Do I need to add another BGP Peer IP to the Azure VPN Gateway? Have someone here configured this king of redundant VPN to azure?

Thanks and best regards,

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