Unable to login into WatchGuard - Bad Request - Request Too Long

As of this morning, I am unable to log into either WatchGuard Support or TDR.
I am receiving a HTTP Error 400 - Request to long error.
Anyone seeing this?


  • I can log into the support site OK, and thus access Watchguard Cloud.
    I am in the USA.

  • Looks like I can blame this issue on Chrome...

  • edited May 20

    What XTM version are you running?
    There were various issues with HTTPS sites and web browsers with the initial V12.4 release

  • 12.4 U1
    It works on same computer different browser.

  • Make that 12.4 (Build B292447), NOT Update 1.
    It also works in Chrome on another computer...

  • 12.4.1 is now available..Fixes even more problems with HTTPS and webblocker.

    Adrian from Australia

  • Do the update

  • I've already added it to my change window for tomorrow :)

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