Best way to connect to watchguard?

Below is how our network is configured. I have setup the watchguard in bridge mode but I'm unsure how to connect to it once it's in place as it sits after our .1 switch.


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    Consider drop-in mode instead.
    Then you access the firewall via its external/trusted IP addr.

    What are your goals for the use of the firewall?

  • I want to use the watchguard to monitor all traffic in and out. I want it to pickup such things as nmap scanning within the network and also from the outside. I want to be able to access the watchguard internally and also have it send me email alerts if something happens.

    I have installed the watchguard into the network and if I connect my laptop with a static IP to the optional port I can access the watchguard.

    What subscription would I require to pickup network attacks? IPS?


  • Network attacks are part of the standard firewall features - no additional license options needed.

    You can purchase specific additional licenses, such as IPS, or there are security 2 bundles:
    . Basic Security Suite
    . Total Security Suite
    See this for details on both:

  • Note the firewall won’t email you alerts unless you use Dimension or Cloud Visibility.

    Drop-in mode is usually suggested by WG otherwise you lose a lot of settings.
  • "unless you use Dimension or Cloud Visibility" or the old but still working WSM Log & Report servers

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