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Hi all new to this group. My T15W services have expired and I have only just purchased a Network Discovery subscription. However it shows as active under managed products but the feature key is not allowing it to be active on the appliance. I have no other live services at present as I am purchasing as I need the licences. Do I have to purchase any other licences for this subscription to work e.g. Basic Support?


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    Did you import the updated Feature Key into your appliance?
    If not, do so.
    You can do this from the Web UI -> System -> Feature Key, at the bottom.

    To activate any add on license, you do need a Standard Support license, often called a LiveSecurity license.

    You don't need a Basic Security Software Suite license, which includes Standard Support (24x7), Application Control, WebBlocker, spamBlocker, Gateway Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention Service, Reputation Enabled Defense, and Network Discovery.

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    Thanks Bruce_Briggs I will get that additional licence. Hoped it would be something simple like that. Cheers

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    You can see the expiration date in your current feature key - look for the LIVESECURITY line in it.

    WatchGuard Standard Support Renewal 1-yr for Firebox T15-W - WGT16201
    WatchGuard Standard Support Renewal 3-yr for Firebox T15-W - WGT16203

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    Also note that if your LiveSecurity subscription has lapsed more than 30 days, you may also need a reinstatement license.
    Reinstatement is usually waived if you buy a bundle.


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