Change network settings on cloud managed AP's

I have spent hours in the Wi-Fi Cloud labyrinth trying to find a way to change the DNS settings on my WG AP 420's with no success. I've read the technical resources, tried Go, Discover, and the legacy Manage in the Cloud and can't seem to find a way to change these settings.
Also tried accessing the AP's directly through a web browser with no success.
Do I have to SSH into these things to change network settings, or if there is a way in Wi-Fi Cloud, how?


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    Is your AP in Bridged or NAT mode?
    In NAT mode, there are DNS server settings as the AP is doing DHCP.
    In Bridged mode, the AP isn't doing DHCP, so the client gets DNS info from the upstream DHCP server, such as the firewall interface.

  • Bridged mode Bruce.
    I get the client receives DNS from the DHCP config on either the firebox or a local DHCP server depending upon one's setup.
    When I initially configured the AP's all IP information was manually assigned to each AP, including DNS. Now my DNS servers have changed and I just need to change the configuration on the AP's themselves, not any clients.

    It's usually something simple.

  • FYI to forum users, this is the answer I received when I opened a support ticket.

    You need to get to in "Discover" to set a static IP.
    Once you select that "VLANs" option you'll select "Customize" and you can leave "Communication VLAN: 0" if the management IP is going to remain on an untagged network or set the specific tag if needed. At that point find the VLAN ID in the list and change the radio button to "Static" and enter in the appropriate details.

    If you configured your cloud managed AP's before Wi Fi Cloud was upgraded a while back, you may need to go into the old Manage section and modify your Templates before you can edit anything.

    Hope this helps.

    • Doug

    It's usually something simple.

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