High CPU Load

12.5.3 (I know there are new builds available)

Lately the load on my Firebox seems a little high. Now, I expect this when users are utilizing the Access Portal, but even when that isn't in use it's still high.

Looking at the Process List in the Status Report via WSM there is a command "/usr/bin/guac-standalone" that is consuming over 49% of my CPU.

Any idea why this process would be so high, or the purpose of this particular command?

Just curious. Maybe I just need to turn it off and back on again. :-)

  • Doug

It's usually something simple.


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    edited February 2021

    "this process does control the Access Portal function"

    Read the whole thread - a fix is for a later version than yours

    Process guac-standalone

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    Thanks Bruce,

    That is quite a thread. Yeah, I should update and I know that. Problem is too many users on domain joined pc's at home that can't update their SSL-VPN software or execute the .bat file required for IKEv2 connections without admin permissions. Which I'm not giving out.
    The added CPU load hasn't affected performance. I'll reboot during off hours as mentioned in the thread and see if it clears up.

    Happy to know what it is and why it's doing it, which is what I wanted.

    • Doug

    It's usually something simple.

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    How about upgrading to 12.5.3 Update 1, which has this fix:

    . This release improves memory management for RDP sessions and resolves several issues that caused Access Portal to crash. [FBX-12318, FBX-19200, FBX-19108, FBX-19319, FBX-12734, FBX-19306]

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