Process guac-standalone

We have a Active/Passive cluster with 2 M470's. Baseline CPU use usually doesn't peak over 7%. I've set up a bunch of RDP sessions for Covid-19 home users. I see and understand memory usage but I'm not sure what this process is that is now using 95% CPU cycles?
/usr/bin/guac-standalone. /sbin/guacd -f is taking up the reset for the most part.. I think that AV scanning?



  • To provide some closure for future readers..

    I opened a ticket and this process does control the Access Portal function. Currently had 8 connected users which maxes out the CPU on the Firewall. Ticket is being escalated to WG Engineers to inspect as my 2nd tier guys says this is all new territory for WG..

    I'll post once I hear back from that group on what is considered the new norm.. Otherwise its back to creating SSL with L2TP/IPSec VPNs, opening RDP sessions which don't show the same overhead. Just a lot more clicking and training staff..

  • Please updated with your findings. I have a similar number of users and have noticed guac-standalone using nearly 100% of my M3700's CPU.

  • Watchguard engineers have reported and logged this as an official BUG. They are working on a fix.

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