spoke to spoke with Branch Office & BOVPN

Iv'e got an XTM33 with two VPN tunnels - One to AWS (BGP / BOPVPN) and the other to a second corporate site (Branch Office VPN) I need both VPN's to talk to each other; Spoke to Spoke model

Can I build VPN connectivity between the two VPN tunnels given i'm using two different VPN methodologies ?


  • If both VPN's are BOVPN's, you should be able to. I am doing it already (just not with AWS).

  • Thank you but they are not - One is BOVPN and the other is Branch Office.

  • BO = Branch Office....

  • Understood - I believe Watchguard segments them where one uses IPSEC 'Branck Office VPN' and the other 'BOVPN' uses BGP ...

  • So BGP is handling the routing, not the BOVPN. Your BOVPN choices are IPSec or TLS. Are you meaning your BOVPN with BGP is a BOVPN Virtual Interface?

  • As long as both are BOVPN's, you should (as I am, not with AWS, but with external organizations). Your central hub will need to act as the endpoint between each tunnel.

  • OK - I'll try and keep you posted. Thank You!

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