BOVPN with Cisco ASA (7.15)

Setting up BOVPN between Watchguards is cake; setting one up with a Cisco ASA, not so much fun. Setting up a connection between head office (Watchguard) and a cloud provider (virtualized ASA).

I followed instructions here:


and got the gateways and tunnels on both ends configured, but no traffic is passing through the tunnel (although I AM able to pass traffic out to the general internet) and I'm going blind looking at the Cisco config trying to figure out why; ping, traceroute, telnet, nothing.

Hoping someone with experience with the two products might be able to lend a hand?


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    Not a solution but i have tunnels going to Cisco devices, both virtualized and fysical, and mine works. I do not manage the Cisco devices, and i do not have special configuration on my Cisco tunnels.

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    I know it's supposed to work but having challenges; any chance you are able to confirm what the ACL configuration are on those Cisco devices?

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    Sorry, i´m not able to access or get the cisco acl.

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