trusted network needs access to optional network using a URL

WG M370 v12.4.1 / WSM-FSM 12.5.3

We recently installed a VoIP on-premise system on VLAN B.
Our Trusted Network on VLAN A needs to access the VoIP Server using a URL, which points to our External IP address.

If I replace the URL with the server IP it works; 172.16.xxx.xxx:1234/webclient
The problem is the instructional papers emailed to everyone will have the URL address and not the IP address.

From the Outside world it works greats but how can I have our Trusted Pc's get to the VoIP server when it's all in the same building?

How can I set this up so that VLAN A (multiple Pc's) can get to Server (single IP) on VLAN B using the URL? Is that possible?


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