Upgrade from m200 to m270 Question

Hello all, I'm looking for some advice. We've just got our hands on a trade-up model (m270) and I'm looking to deploy soon-ish. I've been able to backup our existing config from the M200 and apply it to the m270 without too much fuss.

Everything appears in order, but I'm wondering what occurs to the BOVPN when the new one replaces the m200. The VPN settings appear to have copied correctly, but I was hoping to get some pointers **before **this box goes live.

Any _Protips _are welcome. Thanks!


  • If the BOVPNs are using shared keys, then the BOVPN should come right up.
    Make sure to reboot your ISP device to clear its ARP cache when you put the new firewall in place.

  • Thanks Bruce, is it my imagination - or have you been on this board forever? I think I asked a question back in 2011 and you were the first to respond.

  • I've been around here for a good while - at least since 2001.
    This one is the 3rd iteration of the WG boards.
    Both others, long gone.

  • As an update, I had the ISP on standby to reboot their hardware remotely. Turns out they didn't need to as they reported no issues (aside from the 5 seconds it took to move the cables). Thanks for your help again.

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