A quick guide to using the WatchGuard Community

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A Quick Guide to the WatchGuard Community

In this guide, you will learn how to:
• Navigate in the WatchGuard Community
• Ask Questions and Participate in Discussions
• Setup Custom Notification Alerts

Navigate the WatchGuard Community

When you log in to the WatchGuard Community, you see the Community home page.

1) Click the WatchGuard logo at any time to return to the Community home page.
2) Click your display name to open your profile activity page. From here you can see your recent activity, update your profile information, and get access to your personal inbox.
Hover over
to see your most recent notifications. Click the icon to open the notifications page.
Hover over
to see your most recent inbox messages. Click the icon to open your message inbox.
Hover over
to see your most recent bookmarks. Click the icon to open your full list of bookmarked discussions.
Hover over
to see your account options. Click the icon for the option to sign out or to access the account preferences menu.

3) On the right of the main Community Category list you can see more navigation links, including links to discussions that you have contributed to, draft posts you may have saved, your recent Activity, and any unanswered questions.

4) Explore the Community Category List to find new discussion threads and comments. Within each main product category there are subcategories focuses on specific product features or services. For example, here are some subcategories of the Firebox product category:

5) Use the Search option to search the entire Community for specific words. To search for combinations of words or for specific phrases, make sure to put your search term inside quotes. For example, to search for discussions that contain the phrase 1-to-1 NAT, type “1-to-1 NAT” in the search textbox.

Ask Questions and Participate in Discussions

You can interact with the WatchGuard Community in two ways:
• Start a Discussion
• Ask a Question
If you want to find a specific answer to your question, we recommend you select the Ask a Question option. When someone posts an answer to your question, they have the option to mark it as an answer, which pins it to top of that discussion (right below the original question).
To get started, from the New Discussion drop-down list, select New Discussion or Ask a Question.

When you compose a new post, you can use standard formatting options, including:
• Bold, italicize or strikethrough text
• Use bulleted or numbered lists
• Add emojis
• Left-justify, right-justify, or center text
To enlarge the editing window, click the Full Screen icon in the upper right.

Post an answer to a question or discussion

When you post an answer to a question or discussion, you have the same formatting options as you do with a new question or discussion.

Respond to other users

To mention another user in your post, use the @ symbol. Just type '@' and begin to type the user name. You can select the correct user name from the list that appears. When you mention another user, the system sends them a notification to let them know.

Manage your profile and favorites

We recommend you upload a picture of yourself to help other members identify you, as well as a signature for use in your posts. To get started, use the menu in the top right to get access to your personal profile, favorites, and more.

Setup Custom Notification Alerts

You can manage your notification settings by clicking on your display name , then the drop-down arrow next to the head and shoulders icon and then selecting preferences. Here you will see both General and Category Notification options:

Selecting the Email notification radio button will set up email notifications for that option, emails will be sent to the email linked to your WatchGuard Community account. Selecting the Popup notification radio button will generate a Popup message in your browser Window when logged in to the Community:

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