Legacy User Forum is going offline


WatchGuard will be decommissioning the legacy user forum on July 26th , 2019 The current URL to the legacy forum http://www.watchguard.com/Forum/ will be redirected to the WatchGuard User Community URL at https://community.watchguard.com/watchguard-community/. After July 26th the legacy forum server will be permanently unavailable.

George Grinnell
WatchGuard Moderator

George Grinnell
WatchGuard Representative


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    I'm disappointed that the old Forum can not be kept around longer in some sort of read only mode.
    There is still a ton of useful info there.

  • George_GrinnellGeorge_Grinnell WatchGuard Representative

    The server OS and Database are too old and our IT department must decommission them for compliance reasons.

    I do apologize about losing the old data, WatchGuard is focused on replying to this community and with your immense help the community will be full of useful information in no time.

    George Grinnell
    WatchGuard Representative

  • Just realized that it was gone. Can only agree with Bruce_Briggs that many years of knowledge is lost and there must have been ways to keep it in read only mode.

  • Now I understand why I can't find it. That's a shame. All the old posts completely missed?

  • Totally gone

  • This is such a HUGE shame. I had a lot of threads in there where I posted solutions to my own problems as a resource. Now those are all gone. :(

    What I would like to suggest is someone at Watchguard simply make PDFs of every thread and add it to the knowledgebase or as a downloadable resource here.

    Forum communities are great for the crowdsourced knowledge they build up and when these systems are removed, a tremendous amount of knowledge is lost.

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