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  • Yes. Thank you. The image is too small, but the instructions on your response to my case worked perfectly. Sometimes it is the simplest things...
  • Good idea James. I will do this shortly.
  • Thanks James. The headers have been removed pending more research into the issue.
  • Hello James, In my view of the Administration -> My Account there are "Operators" and according to the documentation, they must also have a WatchGuard portal account. However, despite having four accounts set up in WatchGuard cloud all the messages go to the "Owner" account, which is the email address I use for the normal…
  • Has a bug report been lodged to fix this problem? We run our own mail server and it is a tough battle to keep up the requirements to stay off the blacklists without some SMTP-proxy bug adding to the problem. I note that this only impacts incoming mail - it that correct?
  • I separate these "entertainment devices" onto their own VLAN, and set up an "Any-Custom" policy for a while to see what they need to do their stuff. It used to be easy, but nowdays there is so much crap on these devices it is hard to do anything restrictive with them other than to keep them off your trusted network.
  • Thank you for your help James. I apologise for the delay with my response. The past three weeks have been a nightmare and now I have &^%&^$% COVID, so I am quarantined at home! Anyway, I had a whole afternoon of consciousness to work on this problem that crept up to #1 on the to do list. I dragged out an out of support…
    in Teltonika TRB140 Comment by xxup June 23
  • It should also be noted that the capabilities of Cloud-managed wiFi is very different than the simple GWC. Cloud WiFi also incorporate WIP (Wireless Intrusion Protection ) devices that can perform triangulation and detect the location of the attacker device. They can also jam attacker devices, something that I did point…
  • I have just cleaned up the speed test policy and these are the only needed ports: 8080 TCP 5060 TCP 8080 UDP (I have not seen any of this traffic)
  • There is more information on port requirements here: https://support.ookla.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027274852-Which-Ports-Am-I-Required-to-Use-
  • Which speed test are you using? If it is oolka, then make sure that you are using www.speedtest.net . There are some fake ones out there. A few years ago, I made a custom packet filter policy with these ports: 843 TCP 8080 TCP 5060 TCP 8080 UDP 33430-33450 UDP This policy is very old and I believe that oolka have…
  • Thank you for the response James. A computer plugged into the TRB140 device works perfectly. I agree with your comment that the FireBox should just see it as a normal external device. Clearly, I have missed something obvious and I need to do some more thinking here. Also, thanks for the advice on the USB dongles. It is…
    in Teltonika TRB140 Comment by xxup May 31
  • Yep, this was happening with my T70 during the beta. However, I understand that it is not directly related to the beta and it is a known problem that they are working on. I was given this code to track -> FBX-22080.
  • Works for me. Perhaps the site had problems at the time you last tried to access it?
  • I would like this too, but Dimension is a reporting tool and not a system monitoring tool. Dimension seems to gather log files from one or more devices and re-present the data in different forms. WebUI is the monitoring tool - Traffic monitor and Firewatch the best examples here, but they do need more work to be really…
  • Mine (AP125s) are set with reserved DHCP and still have the odd loss of trust, but it is more like every three months than days. It is more likely to happen if there has been a site power outage - these things are not currently protected by UPS.
  • I don't even understand the requirement. Why do you need to set the reservation from the leases page? Is this some way of avoiding the need to type in (or just copy and paste) a MAC address into the network configuration page? I am pretty sure that you can't do this on a Microsoft Server.
  • The first question is: Are the gateways real devices? Once you work out what they are doing then you can work out the original design. Alternatively, I prefer to do a "clean slate" approach and design the network for the "now" and not the past. Things that were design considerations when the Sonicwall was installed might…
    in Gateways Comment by xxup August 2021
  • A few years ago, I wasted many hours/days/weeks trying to get control of mobile devices. It was like playing whack-a-mole. Some of these apps use all kinds of techniques to avoid being blocked - IP addresses instead of FQDNs and urls that seem to change regularly or have long alpha numeric paths. Blocking using DNS works,…
  • I recommend reading this one -> https://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/help-center/en-US/Content/en-US/Fireware/dimension/install_dimension_d.html
    in Dimension Log Comment by xxup June 2021
  • Odd.. I need to look at some of my aliases, I seem to remember a couple of monsters approaching 400 lines..
  • I point my customers to this page -->> https://www.watchguard.com/wgrd-help/video-tutorials/overview The "Getting Started with Firebox" filter on that page gets good feedback.. If you have a watchguard account, then you can access this training -->…
  • This needs to be in the Knowledge base as a supported procedure..
  • That's like the latency between Australia and the USA.. On a good day..
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  • Yikkes! I did not realise that this happened. I use this approach to limit access to our corporate web server and one we host for our customer. I assumed that the connection was just dropped when using Geoblocking in this manner (when using a content proxy action or a server proxy action). Please let us know what support…
  • While we use the excellent AuthPoint token, we also use Yubikeys in our business where the AuthPoint token will not work. It would be nice to see better interchangeability between token providers.
  • I use Wordpress, AuthPoint and the free miniOrange without any problems. That said, I had to modify wp-login.php to prevent by-passing the AuthPoint login..
  • Thank you.. VERY VERY annoying!