• You can't see the image badly because I'm the one who obscured it.. Hhhi I forgot to write it. However, those images look good. But the problem is that it doesn't change them for me, even after 2 days of uploading the new logos.
  • I went to the Administration/Branding section and changed the Company Logo, Backgroud Image, and Thumbnail Image. But both the email that arrives for the new activation and the image of the mobile token are not updated. Maybe the modification is not in real time? Also where do you change these logos? I couldn't find the…
  • Ok activated WatchGuard Cloud Directory and everything seems to be as before. Users and groups are now managed by the Directories and Domain Services section Thank you!
  • But I no longer have a way to add, remove users... or assign or remove groups.
  • Unfortunately I can't open the support page.
  • Hi @"james.carson" Instead, I would like to use it to ensure that my users registered in Rome can connect to Milan through an "Emergency" group. And this actually works correctly. But I can't understand why he can't do it the other way around. Users who are registered on Milan must be able to connect in "Emergenza" on…