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  • Hello James. Thanks for your answer. For the moment Its only a suspicion. The documentation don't give any informations here. I would expect, that DNSWatchGo knows, when the system is behind the corp firebox and let bypass DNS-traffic. Stay health…
  • Hello. thanks for your answers. @Bruce_Briggs : The ip-address wasn't changed. @Greggmh123 : You're right. My firebox uses DHCP at external inferface. @James_Carson : Thanks for your tip :smile: Have a nice week - and stay healthy! Dirk
  • Hi Bruce. That's what I learned here. Stay healthy! Dirk
  • Hi Bruce. We corrected this. The WSM created a new Default policy for SSL-VPN after we renamed it. We didn't see see this. Now the default policy ist deactivated. The auto number function is also disabed. For the moment all looks fine. Have a nice…
  • Hello Greg. Yesterday I made some changes on my config. Now the WG-SSL login page is back. For the moment I'll be back on the old config - without SSLVPN. I will search for a solution. Stay healthy Dirk
  • Hello. We found the problem and solved it. We modified the default Watchguard SSLVPN policy. The "To" was changed from Firebox to ip-address we're using for SSLVPN. Have a nice day and stay healthy ;) Dirk
  • Hello. I'll check it tomorrow. Stay healthy :) Dirk
  • Hello Greg. Thanks for your answer. My citrix ADC runs on another ip than SSL VPN. The address I used here, is not in use with https, but with SMTP and some other ports. The old http/https proxies are present in ruleset, but not active. Regards D…
  • Hello Bruce. I saved my config to the box. There are some things, that I must fix here. 1. With my credentials I are not valid. In System Manager I can see traffic to my Radius server. I will search for the problem. * My Citrix login page was repl…
  • Hello Bruce. Thanks for your answer. I sawn the video, its very interesting. So I will play around with settings, if necessary. Take care for you and stay healthy. Regards Dirk
  • Hello. I've got an answer from support. We using a M370 cluster. I shutdown the backup master and reboot the master. The box create a new cert for the proxy authority. Because I use selfsigned cert here, I create a new cert. This works foy my networ…
  • Hello. For the moment i also have this issue with M370, 12.5.2 U1. I opened a ticket. WG escalated it yesterday to the second level... Regards Dirk
  • Hello Bruce. Thanks for the link. I will check it next days. It will be a little work to free on ip address. Regards Dirk
  • Hello Bruce, hello James, thanks for your anwers. So I don't have any comments here. I think. I will give your spamblocker a chance on our system. Have a nice day :) Dirk
  • Hello James, thanks for your answer. How effective is your spamblocker? We're using GWAVA. With well training of this software and very granular settings I have one or two spams in my mailbox - per month. When I look at your possible settings, its …