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  • Are you using Windows 11? I've noticed the scripts from the Firebox no longer work with Windows 11. I haven't had time to figure out why.
  • I might of missed it, but have you validated the NPS server logs to see if the user is indeed being sent back the proper group that you have specified in NPS? I have one user for whatever reason not sending back the group to the firebox, but 30 other users in the same group working just fine. It seems like a bug in NPS.…
  • Did you ever find this section in dimension? I see it pointed out in the official documents as a thing but it's not in my Reports>Device section. However, I did test hooking it up to Watchguard Cloud and see the details there. Did they remove it from dimension?
  • Great! Thanks James, I do appreciate that.
  • Hey James, Thanks, for looking over the idea. It wouldn't be adding the VPN each time like it does with the install script. I use that script as well as some tweaked versions of it and it works nicely. This would keep the ikev2 policy, but there is something in windows 10 where it can detect conditional access based on the…
  • Thanks again James. Yeah I have the outbound rules for it and they do work from client to internet. My big thing is I need them on inbound from inbound to FTP/Web/VPN etc. We've had a few incidents in the past with Tor exit nodes and we just want them blocked from seeing us all together. I'll for sure sign up to follow…
  • ah, that makes sense. I forget the amount of traffic manipulation you can do with the policies these days. Thanks for the help James.