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  • This service is still just too slow. Tried it again with the 5 free license deal and had to remove it due to complaints of overly slow internet. Shame as its potentially a good feature.
    in DNSWatchGO Comment by Abertay April 13
  • +1 for L2TP DHCP options. Now we are WFH its causing SCCM issues with addresses changing frequently
  • Thanks Mark. We have a pool of 45 PC's load-balanced through the RDgateway and what we are trying to stop is one student logging onto multiple pc's and hogging resources. So connections per second will be really low and i dont think it will achieve…
  • We use vpn for most things, but we have to provide RDP access for unmanaged devices which means using M$ RDGateway (ex TSGateway) over 443.
  • Thanks James, its been escalated to engineering now who are looking into it. We've had to temporarily move most of the major websites to packet filter policies so they remain stable. I'm still wondering if this is a knock-on affect of the NAT issue …
  • Thanks Mark. WG have now confirmed it is the HTTPS proxy issue
  • I've now upgraded to 12.4.1 and can confirm this does not fix the issue.
  • (Quote) Funny you should mention that but i've had a few times when adding a nat rule completely broke it then if you remove and re-add it works.
  • Hi, Just one external interface. Don't use any SD-WAN config. Everything was all working just fine up until the upgrade. Translation rules all look good and proxy settings are all in place. I smell a bug... Going to upgrade to 12.4.1 tonight and fi…