Test internet speed from firebox

We have been on situation when complaining to ISP for the quality of service. We test the speed from computer in the network and one moment is 5 and one hour later 200.
Very often they do ask to test the speed right on ONT instead than from computer. That is not feasible as we are not in the site at the moment. Is any way we can run test from firewall directly and have those numbers?


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    Sorry, no.

    You can look at WSM Firebox System Manager -> Status Report -> Interfaces section and look at the stats to see if there are errors or collisions etc. on the external interface. This may show something or may not.

    Sometimes throughput issues are related to latency.
    Usually a speed test will show the latency to the Internet speed test server.
    If latency seems to be an issue, there are tools such as PingPlotter which will show where the latency issue is over time and show if there are dropped packets from the graphical display.

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    Also, depending on your XTM version, you can set up Link Monitor on external and select Measure Loss Latency & Jitter
    You can see if there are issues related to these on the SD-WAN tab of Firebox System Manager.

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    Thanks Bruce.

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    If you can remote control a system at that site, you can run a speed test on that machine, but it is not the same as speed testing the way the ISP wants--directly at the tap.

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