application control actions: not great at all

the firebox does not drop some new vpn tunneling like :


  • I cannot get to the point where App Control would do anything, because when I try to go to the web site you linked, WebBlocker blocks it as Proxy Avoidance. If I bypass that block and try to download the file for Windows, that gets blocked by HTTPS DPI due to the Windows EXE/DLL blocking.

    Do you use HTTPS with content inspection enabled?


    Gregg Hill

  • I am using web bloker and app control with drop all app Tunneling .
    But some of my lan user execute that app(psiphon3) and bybass the firebox.
  • Users can download the app on their phones or laptops off site for example.

  • The problem is not in download the app but the firebox does not drop that app to creat ssl vpn to open all blocked site.
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