Allow IP addresses through IPS

Good morning,

I got this email from our parent company to allow these IPs for penetration test.

**As part of the upcoming Verizon Penetration Test, please ensure that the following IP addresses are whitelisted in your firewalls.

Amazon US-EAST (Ohio or Virginia),,,,,

Verizon Infrastructure
Verizon US-EAST (Pennsylvania),,,**

We have Intrusion Prevention enabled on the WatchGuard, but how would I allow those IP addresses? I clicked on the Exceptions... tab, but its asking for a Signature ID, not an IP addresses.


  • You add policies from those IP addrs without IPS selected on the policies
  • I created an Alias with those IP addresses, then I created a new policy below. Is this right? I don't have the 'Enable IPS for this policy checked'

  • I think that should be right? Please confirm.

  • What policy type is this?
  • I choose Any

  • There's an IPSEC policy, but I wasn't sure it that's what I should be selecting.

  • From what I understand, IPSEC is for VPN

  • Sorry, is Any the wrong type? If yes, what else should I be using? Thanks.

  • Presumably an Any policy is what would be wanted by the penetration testers.

    I always find penetration test requests such as this almost the same as asking one to unlock all of the doors to your house so that the security of your house can be tested.

  • Thanks, I agree with you there. As soon as the Pen. test is over, I'll be removing this policy.

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