from our watcguard account we access Watchgaurd Cloud, we have 5 fireboxes of different customers and I can manage everything, if instead I want to access the dnswatch of each customer I cannot because every time I log in I only see the IP from which I connect, it exists a portal only for dnswatch or every time I have to log in and enter when I am with the interested IP?

Thank you


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    If you have a reseller (partner) account you will have more power than if you are on an end user account. To that, no freaking way I allow my security to a third party. Why not manage your devices with System Manager (or Dimension Command) and not have to mess with the cloud for local services and packet filters?

    DNS Watch is only in the cloud and VERY easily circumvented by most end users if they do even a couple of seconds of Google research. It IMO was very (human) resource heavy and hard to justify when Web Blocker does as good of a job as it does (and you can still get around that with a tad of Google in many cases).

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    Hi, of course we are partners and we use system manager by default, but sometimes I have to exclude some domains and this is where the problem arises.

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