HTTPS proxy blocking something


Have a M270 running 12.5.2.

Trying to access the company website and not all elements appear on the page. Ok, so I found in the WatchGuard log and see where it has some denies when trying to get to the website.

2020-05-13 11:54:16 Deny https/tcp 58749 443 1-VLAN1 3-E3 External Fiber HTTPS Request (HTTPS-proxy OUTGOING-00) HTTPS-Client.Standard.2 proc_id="https-proxy" rc="548" msg_id="2CFF-0000" proxy_act="HTTPS-Client.Standard.2" tls_profile="TLS-Client-HTTPS.Standard" tls_version="TLS_V13" sni="nitrocdn.com" cn="nitrocdn.com" cert_issuer="CN=GTS CA 1D2,O=Google Trust Services,C=US" cert_subject="CN=nitrocdn.com" action="drop" app_id="0" app_cat_id="0" sent_bytes="517" rcvd_bytes="2935" geo_dst="USA"

I added *.nitrocdn.com to Webblockr exclude and https-client.standard2 policies but still can't get through. Any ideas?




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