Add New Mobile VPN user with LT2P if Branch Office VPN existing

I am currently using a Branch Office VPN for site to Site VPN with an External Site, and I have a public @IP for that, however I would like to add a Mobile VPN via LT2P from my remote Client and using this same @IP Public, is this that it is possible or as i should proceed


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    Should work with no issues

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    No Impact of the performance on bandwih my Branch Office VPN

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    Anything that uses your ISP bandwidth has a potential impact on BOVPN bandwidth, including internal users and mobile users.
    You can apply Traffic Management actions on the traffic that goes though your BOVPN to guarantee desired bandwidth.

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    edited May 2020


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    Ping is OK on Client Mobile VPN LT2P, and client have good @IP but doesn't acces to any services ( RDP , SQL Serve 1433, ...)
    even if I create rules to access . Have I conflict with rules on my BOPVPN

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    So fix the conflicts.
    You can change from auto-order mode to manual mode to that you can set desired policies in the exact order that you want.

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