Extending T15W WiFi

I need some suggestions. I recently installed a T15W and setup a secure internal WiFi Bridged with Trusted Interface (limited via MAC address) with the addition of an untrusted Guest_Interface WiFi.

Unfortunately the T15W does not have the range I was hoping for in the office.. Purchased the Total Security Package as well and like the idea of extra monitoring and detection for WiFi as well sa the other features. So, now what to do. Option 1 was where I was headed which is to use the Optional Interface (as a Custom Untrusted) and setup a second Guest_Wifi2 via re-routed Network line at other end of the office with "some other WiFi Access Point". Since each interface (onboard Guest Wifi and other AP) has it's own DHCP, I think I would have to use different SSID. Unless I bridge them? By Bridging, would that allow the onboard WiFi to control security on that second device as well?

Should I just use a Range Extender to repeat the built in WiFi Guest network and call it a day?

The Ability to add High Gain External antennas seems like it would be ideal, but I am just dreaming out loud...


  • A guest WIFI should have a different SSID in any case.

    I have not come across any range extenders which can extend multiple SSIDs, so if your goal is to have both a trusted & guest SSID at some distance from your firewall, look to using an AP which supports VLANs.

    I recall that there was a post on the old (now gone) boards about adding a high gain antenna. Perhaps someone from WG will reply here - or you can open a support incident to find if this is possible and if so, what brand & characteristics etc.

    The only AP models that you can manage using Fireware (via Gateway Wireless Controller), are WG models.
    And current WG APs can be managed via the cloud. There are different SKUs for Fireware managed and for cloud managed.
    Fireware policies can control the traffic from any brand of APs.

  • I use a different brand of access points so that I can have a unified wireless management experience across all of my clients/family/friends, whether or not they have a WatchGuard firewall, at far less cost than WatchGuard APs. I am sure they have their place, but not for my clients or friends.

    I set them up with a LAN SSID and a guest SSID that has client isolation on it as well as being on its own VLAN. I then apply the wireless LAN and guest VLAN to my WatchGuard polices as desired. For the guest DNS, I use a filtering DNS such as CleanBrowsing.org server so no pervy stuff happens on my guest networks.

    Gregg Hill

  • Thanks for your response. Always great to hear how others are tackling these issues.

    I can't go back and justify to the client to spend the $$$ on another WG AP, so the solution to extend their guest_WiFi must be inexpensive. Luckily the Secure WiFi segment is not really in use (currently). Performance is not the greatest concern on Guest, which is why I was thinking of an extender in the middle of the office.

    It is a Dental Office with 9 rooms and staff, so in reality you are not talking about a lot of users at once. If they are OK, with a separate Guest SSID for the back rooms, then I may just add their cheap AP on that Custom Interface Port I configured on the T15 or figure out if I can bridge that Custom Interface with the Guest WiFi so they are on the same segment and same SSID.

  • You should be able to set up a bridge group including a firewall interface and a T15w radio.

  • Yes, that is an option and use the "Other WiFi Router they already had" in AP mode on that Optional Port that I reconfigured as a custom Interface.

    In fact, I already did a Bridge with the "Secure" WiFi Adapter (MAC Controlled) in the T15 with the Trusted Interface. So, I could do that again for the Guest and Keep the SSIDs the same for Guest. I have heard stories about sticky sessions to poor signal, so not sure if I should be concerned there.

    The T15W has 3 configurable WiFi Interfaces onboard, just for reference.

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