M270 vs M370 branch office vpn

I have an HQ office with 80 users using the m370 with most of the security services enabled including content inspection AV, APT, Web blocker, HA, SDWan etc. It also has 5 branch office VPNs to some T70's and T35's.

I'm adding a 2nd office with 15-30 users. I'm looking at doing the same sort of set up as the HQ office only using the m270.

I looked at the specs and the m270 seems to cover our needs. I also looked at the hardware guide and noticed both have 4gb ram but very different CPUs

m370 Intel Skylake G3900
m270 Intel Denverton C3558

I will have a branch office vpn between these offices and the users at m270 side will be using voip and smb across the vpn so I want it to be as fast as possible.

Will these two units work well for this or is there some reason to go with the m370 at the 2nd site as well? Do both support hardware aes encryption?


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    You need to look up the CPU used in a firewall to see its specs and then search on that CPU.

    M270 - Intel Denverton C3558 - does support AES
    M370 - Intel Skylake G3900 - does support AES

    For 30 users & a BOVPN, the WG sizing tool suggests that even a T55 or T70 would be acceptable, so a M270 should have no issues here.

    Your biggest issue for VoIP & SMB will be latency on the link between the 2 sites.

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    You should also be able to exclude all the VOIP traffic between your sites from the additional Security Services so they just pass through the firewalls.

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    Thanks, probably going with m270 including HA.

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