dimension shows my pc being blocked for snapchat?

Firebox XTM515 12.1.3u3 /Dimension 2.1.1u2

Dimensions Security Dashboard shows my Pc(IP) is being blocked from going to Snapchat. There are others (5) but mine shows the most attempts.

I don't have Snapchat installed nor have I ever used it.

Any ideas why it's reporting this?


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    Could be the result of imbedded links:

    Snapchat Announces New Options to Embed Snap Content Outside the App Itself

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    as always, Thank you, Bruce!

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    You can look at your logs in Dimension.
    If you have a time period, you can look using Log Manager.
    Otherwise, you can do a search for snapchat and see what shows up in Log Search.
    Depending on your logging levels on your policies, you may be able to identify the cause of the snapchat access attempt.

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    as you said/suggested, I looked back into my logs and found the couple of days my Pc was active with Snapchat.

    I recall doing some research on those particular days so I'm assuming one of the sites I went to, embedded Snapchat for awhile. or at least while I was there.

    Not as much of a concern for me now, thanks to your knowledge and link you posted.
    I don't have a lot of detail in my logs at this point so I'm not sure I could identify the cause but it does give me a starting point for the future.

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